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viernes, 21 de septiembre de 2012

activities for 3rd ESO. Computer room 24th September

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Subject: ENGLISH
Teacher Name: Flori Tijera
Date: __________________

Nobel prize for peace

This activity is intended for 3rd eso students. The objective is to help you explore the lives and works of the most important winners of the nobel prize for peace.

Visit the web pages below and look up the following information.
1. What is the origin of the Nobel prize?
2.where are the prizes given?
2. Who can qualify for the Nobel prize for peace?
3.Who were the last 10 Nobel prize for peace? Write their names, their nationalities and their achievement.(in your own words)
4. Who won the Nobel prize for peace in 1964? Why?
                                               6.Choose a nobel prize winner in history to do a small project on his                         life and work. Present it to your partners (next weeks)

Work in pairs. You should look up information on the nobel prize for peace. Write the answers in a document word and send it to your teacher. floriiesdive@hotmail.com


Check this   official page for nobel prizes.



The activity would be evaluated according to the way you work with your partner in the info room, and the final task sent to your teacher.


I hope you enjoy learning more about the winners of this important prize. I hope you choose one of the interesting winners and learn more about him/her.

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