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lunes, 4 de noviembre de 2013

invitation. Dani and alex. 3A

Hello we are Dani and Alex and we are going to throw a party in the town's cementery. It is going
to be the 31st of october from 20:00-03:00. We will bring food and drinks but if you want to bring
something else its OK. Is not compulsory to wear a costume... You can come to the party with your own clothes. But we are planning a costume contest so better that you bring a good costume because there is a very good award. Its easy to get there... You only have to go to the town square and two streets later, go straight on for around five minutes. It's easy to recognice because there is going to be lights and music. You don't need any pass... Any one who wants, can come!!!

                   Click on the CEMENTERY to know the route!!!!

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