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miércoles, 18 de diciembre de 2013

4th B.Christmas



The dinner will be on 25th of December, on Jesus'. Next you have the menus and you say which one you want:
1st MENU
    - Seafood Soup
    - Garlic eels
    - Snacks (Ham, pate, cheese, smoked salmon, ...)
    - Nougat cake
    2nd MENU
    - The Mistery Pasta
    - Galician octopus
    - Sausages with bacon
    - Nougat chocolate castle
    3th MENU
    - Roast lamb with roast potatoes
    - Pasta salad (cold)
    - Spanish Stew
    - Caramelized almond paste
- Champagne
                        - Refreshments 
                            - Beer
*You can exchange the menus
 We will see you on 25th! Happy christmas

How I celebrate christmas

On the 24th of December I visit my grandparents. We have a special dinner to celebrate christmas eve and we wait for the arrival os Santa.
The next morning we open our presents and I have breakfast with all the family .

On the 31st of December, I go to my uncles's house. We have another special dinner and we eat the grapes at 00:00. After this we dance a lot and we dress up.

Dear Santa:

This year we've been good girls, we've passed all the exams, we've helped our family and friends.
Nerea wants a camera and money for clothes.
Claire wants money for clothes and make up.
I hope you have a good journey and having fun giving out the presents.

Thank you , lots of love.

Claire and Nerea.

A letter to Santa.

Dear Santa:
We were good girls all this year. We help our parents to clean the house we pass all the subjects, so:
Alba wants clothes and a little dog; and Marta wants a digital camera and books.
Have a nice xmas and have fun with your elfs and raindeers. Take care when you give the presents to all the childs.
Love and kisses.
- Alba and Marta.

Letter to Santa

Dear Santa, I'm Miguel, and I live in Moralzarzal. Last year you didn't come here, so don't forget to come this year!
I have been a good boy this year. I improved at school, I helped my friends..
I would like you to bring me a ps4 with two games, a Real Madrid t-shirt and a bike.

I'll give you some milk and cookies next to the Xmas tree.


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