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Ana Johnson is a 13-year-old swimmer who lives in Melbourne in
Australia. Her dream is to swim for Australia in the next Olympics.
She swims in both long and short races and she has already come first in many important
As well as spending many hours in the pool, Ana also makes time for studying and for friends.
‘I have lots of friends who swim and we’re very close. It’s much easier to have friends who are
swimmers because they also have to get up early to practise like me and they understand this
kind of life. But I’m not so different from other people my age. In my free time I also enjoy
going to the movies and parties. There are also some good things about swimming for a club. I
travel a lot for competitions and I’ve made friends with swimmers from other Australian cities
and from other parts of the world.’
Ana is becoming well known in Australia and she believes it is important to get more young
people interested in swimming. ‘I don’t mind talking to journalists and having my photograph
taken. But last year I was on TV and that was much more fun.’

answer a b c

0 Ana’s home is in Melbourne.
A Right B Wrong C Doesn’t say Answer:
21 Ana hopes she will become an Olympic swimmer.
A Right B Wrong C Doesn’t say
22 Ana knows that she is better at short races than long ones.
A Right B Wrong C Doesn’t say
23 Ana has won a lot of swimming competitions.
A Right B Wrong C Doesn’t say
24 It is difficult for Ana to make friends with other people who swim.
A Right B Wrong C Doesn’t say
25 Ana likes doing the same things as other teenagers.
A Right B Wrong C Doesn’t say
26 Ana has met people from different countries at swimming competitions.
A Right B Wrong C Doesn’t say
27 Ana prefers speaking to journalists to being on television.
A Right B wrong  C doesn't say


Look at the sentences below about a girl called Anna and her new school building.
Read the text on the next page to decide if each sentence is correct or incorrect.
If it is correct, mark A on your answer sheet.
If it is not correct, mark B on your answer sheet.

11 Anna’s school is the first one in her country to be made completely of wood.
12 Anna had mixed feelings about seeing the space cleared ready for building the school.
13 Builders managed to carry on with work on the school despite the weather.
14 There is one room that is kept just for local people to use for meetings.
15 The children find the new changing rooms convenient when they do sports on their field.
16 The inside of Anna’s school depends on the people and machines in it to be warm.
17 The new school building has great benefits for people who like to sing.
18 The builders wanted to do something traditional for the school when they’d finished the roof.
19 Pictures of the wind turbine behind the school can now be seen online.
20 The pupils are busy preparing to do a performance for their parents in their new school building.


It’s been a very exciting week, as we’ve just moved into our
new school building! It’s an amazing place, as the builders
have used wood for the whole thing, just like in our old
school, but it’s also one of the first in my country designed to
be really environmentally friendly.
The school took months to build, so we saw it all happening.
It was really exciting seeing the builders clear the space
where it would be, although it also meant that some lovely
open land disappeared. And the noise of the building
machines was really loud, although the builders often had to
stop work because it rained so hard. We all began to think the
building would never be finished.
We have five classrooms now, which are enormous – much
bigger than in our previous school next door, which was very
old. We share one room with people in the town when they
want to have meetings and so on. There’s a nursery too, a
lovely dining room, and really big changing rooms which
we’re looking forward to using as soon as our new sports field
is ready.
When you come into the school, one of the first things you
notice is that there aren’t any heaters in the building! Instead,
the heat for the school comes from all of us inside it – the
children, the teachers and the computers we use. The building
is so well designed that it holds all the heat inside – and all
the sound too, so if we sing inside our classrooms, we can almost believe we’re inside a concert hall!
Another thing you’ll notice is that the school roof has a tree on top of it! It was put there by the builders once
they’d finished the roof, because they said it was the custom in Austria, the country where the roof was made.
The electricity for lights and computers comes from a wind turbine on a hill behind the school. We went with
our teacher to look at it yesterday, and it goes round really fast. It’s so big, it can be seen for miles! We took
some pictures which we’re planning to put on the website.
Even though we’re already using the school building, there are still some parts to be added to it – for example,
at the moment we’re putting on a play for parents to come and see, but we still have to walk back to our old
school hall to do it. The replacement will be ready by next year, though. We’re so pleased with our new school,and our teachers say we’ll all learn much faster now we’re in it!

Read the text below and choose the correct word for each space.
For each question, mark the correct letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet.
0 A one B some C any D many
Answer: 0 A B C D
Sharks are (0) of the most frightening creatures in our oceans. They
are well prepared for feeding under water because they can _____________ (26)
very well, and they can also _______________(27) movement through  special lines
on the sides of their bodies. These make sharks very_________________ (28) for
smaller sea creatures that become their food.
Although sharks are similar  _____________________ (29) other fish in a
number of ways, their bodies are different. For example, unlike other fish, most sharks _____________________(30) to swim all the time in order to breathe and stay alive,
____________________(31) they hardly sleep at all. Also, if sharks are turned over
on their backs, they can stop moving_________________ (32) . This is a very
useful technique for researchers ____________________(33) are often required to
(34) sharks. It allows them to (35)__________________________.
out more    about these fascinating creatures.

26 A watch     B look      C notice      D see
27 A touch     B feel     C know     D catch
28 A dangerous    B difficult     C serious     D important
29 A with      B from       C to            D of
30 A ought       B need       C must            D should
31 A so        B as         C but           D or
32 A perfectly           B finally              C fully         D completely
33 A which      B who                 C what            D whose
34 A sort     B care          C deal           D handle
35 A discover         B search                 C find              D study

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