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viernes, 22 de mayo de 2015


-What was your best experience in Spain?
-Well, I think that the most impresive thing I've seen are the "fallas" in Valencia. All the fireworks and the party in general were very impresive.
-But, are very different the cultures of Britain and Spain?
-I think that here, in Spain, the people are more relaxed: there are more parties and there are allowed a lot of thinks that in Britain aren't permitted. The "fallas" for example.
-Would you miss Spain? Would you return?
-Yes, I will return if I can. I like the weather, the food and the feast days (the "fallas" like I said before), but first I have to work a little bit to gain money and then I will think of turning back.
-Have you met many friends?
-Oh yes! I've met a lot of different cultures here.
-Did you ever feel homesick?
-Well, not really. I talked to my family and my friends by Skype and so many of my friends of England came here to visit me.
-Do you think you have improved your Spanish oral skills?
-Yes, in general yes.
-Do you like the food?
-Yes, of course. But there were big dishes and to different of England because in England the meat and these tipe of food are accompained by some vegetables or salad and here isn't.
-Yes, here the dishes of vegetables are served separated of the other dishes generally.
-Yhea! And that is so extrange to me. I think I have gained 1 stone! (aproximatly 6 kilos)
-I don't really think you have gained 6 kilos. The next question: which places of Spain have you visited?
-Oh well, I think I have traveled all around Spain: I've been in Toledo, Valencia, Sevilla, Merida, Cadiz, Salamanca...

Q1-What was your best experience that you had during this year?
A1-Probabily the most exciting moment was when I went to “las Fallas” because that was an exciting and unique spectacle. I had never seen something like that.
Q2-Are you going to miss Spain? What in particular?
A2-Yeah, sure. The people I met here is very nice and kind, and Spanish dishes are delicious. Also being at this school is something that I’ll miss a lot. As soon as I get enough money, I’ll come back.
Q3-Woul you like to come again?
A3-Of course. In fact, I will likely return to Spain due the fact that I need to get some more teaching experience to be able to start doing my own lessons as a teacher. If not, I would come just for pleasure.
Q4-Have you met any new friends?
A4-I actually did, because the people here is so nice that is impossible to go back home without having made any friends.
Q5-Do you think that you have improved your Spanish oral skills?
A5-Although it wasn’t my main objective, I had the time to speak with some Spanish people, which I think helped me enhance my Spanish.
Q6-Which places of Spain have you visited?
A6-Since I was already here, I took the chance and visited Toledo, Valencia, Salamanca, Sevilla, Mérida; Cádiz… I tried to visit as many places as possible.
Q7-Did you like the food?
A7- That was one of the best things about my stay in Spain! I tried a lot of typical dishes, and I liked them all! However I found that your meals tend to have lesser vegetables.
Q8-Have you felt homesick?
A9-well… actually no, because I already had some friends here, and with Skype I could talk as much as I wanted with my family, so it wasn’t a real problem.

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