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jueves, 18 de junio de 2015



English class reflexion
It was a very nice year in English with my great teacher Flori, I have a very good expirience with she
When I had problems she always help. I would like to have it next year (ZACH)


My opinion about english classes is that in general are good. It's very funny and I enjoy for the activities, but I think that learn other lenguage is more games and more speaking, not a lot of exercices and homeworks.
I think that would change this,more speaking, debates, and more classes with the assistant, not only once a week.
But I think that I learnt a lot of things (grammar, vocabulary, and some expresions...)
In general I like very much your classes.
You have a good summer!      (CLAUDIA D)

My opinion about the english classes this year is good, in general they were intresting or we do activities that it made the things intrestings. Some days I was bored because you were explaining things that I know but I understand that you have to explain to all the class. I would like that we do more speacking activities and debates, I like a lot the presentations but I don't like the book that we read. This year I think that I leared a lot, not about the vocabulary of the book or that things I think that I learned to speak better in english and say all in english... Because we did a lot of writings, speakings... And that is very good to practise our english. I think that the best thing in the class is to speak all in english  (Martina)

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