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miércoles, 16 de septiembre de 2015

4TH DIVER. Project

4th ESO.PROJECT: CREATE A fashion firm

1. Work with a classmate.
2. Create a project of  a shop or firm belonging to the clothes industry.
3. Explain the name (invent it and say why it is called like that).
4. Where is it? Say where has the shop/s or factory.
5. Mention the type of clothes you are going to work on. (casual, sport, smart, for weddings... accesories,.... your design,etc.......
6. Explain if it is going to be fair trade, ecological, ethical........
7. Include examples of items of clothes (if possible with pictures) and their prices.
Write everything in a power point or in a word document. Make it attractive.
Some of you would present it to your classmates, if possible.

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