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lunes, 21 de diciembre de 2015


Dear Santa:

We have behaved very well, so we're telling you our wishes. We have worked hard 

all the year and we have respected our parents, so please, we want a trip to your 

 house, and we want to see how your factory works. Sorry if we ask for too many 

things, but we have worked very hard during this year. Oh, and we want to travel in 

 high class, with a private jet. We have been very good children, please, Santa, we 

have dreamed of this trip since we were babies. We'll give you all milk and cookies

 you want, and we'll pay you if it is necessary. It would be fantastic to travel there to 

meet all Christmas figures and get a sign from them. All children in the world dream 

with this, and we have behaved very well in this year, so please Santa, the Christmas 

night, at 21:30, come to Moralzarzal, take us to your home and give us a lot of toys, 

videogames, etc. We told our parents that if you want you can come to our home and 

drink an apple juice. We don't have any other drink, sorry. We have behaved very 

well. Our parents also want to go on the trip, so please, have enough space in the 

sled. Our parents, also want toys, videogames and that staff, so get enough staff for us 

and for them. It is going to be a familiar trip, so, please, make a fantastic dinner for a 

family in your house and prepare a tour for us.

Kenta and Liam.

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