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lunes, 11 de enero de 2016

2nd eso. tasks for Monday 11th January. thank you Antonio

1. How much do you remember from 2015? Quiz

Happy New Year! We wish you a happy and successful 2016. However, before setting expectations for the new year let's review good old 2015 and see how much you remember from the year that just checked out. These are general questions on culture, sports, science, world affairs and even school stuff.

Working with your partner take this quiz.It is important tobe right, not fast.

GO TO THE PAGE        joinquizziz.com 

and introduce the code your teacher will give you.

2.    we are going to starUnit 4 and study vocabulary about money... do this crossword.


3.   do the test of units 1-2  Test in my English lab, 

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