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domingo, 13 de noviembre de 2016



If you enjoy a good first-person shooter you must play CSGO a classic game that has been in the market for nearly four years,it is a fun game from the counter strike saga that is based on the fight between terrorists(T) and counter terrorists(CT).

It is a good game for playing with friends because of the types of game modes.
There are 2 main games:
-Casual:Which consist on (T)planting the bomb on one of the two sides which are,  A-side and B-side.
The (CT)need to defuse the bomb when it has been planted. But if the (T) kill them all they will have lost.It is usually used for training.
-Competitive:It is also similar to casual but it takes more time and it’s more tense, and it is better for playing with friends.

It is a game with basic graphics and basic gameplay but as it is online it requires internet connection and at least a half decent computer to play on.

In our opinion CSGO is a great game to play because you don’t necessarily need to pay any money, it is simple to play and is great to pass  SPEND   time with friends,bots or online gamers.


If you enjoy playing good mobile games clash royal is your game, is funny, addictive, and online.

You start playing with the basic battle deck and when you win matches you get chests, inside the chests you will get new cards and some gold which is necessary to upgrade your cards. There are four types of card: the common ones(are the easiest ones to get), rare(that are more difficult than the common), epic (that are quite difficult to get) and and legendary(that are almost impossible to get them free).

This is a strategy game punt so you need to think about every movement yo make, as it is an online game your opponent will take advantage of your errors, in a match you have elixir that is the object that will allow you to throw cards to the arena.

The goal of the game is to break down the towers of your opponent, each person has two exterior towers and the king tower, the king tower is not available until your opponent breaks one of the exterior towers or it touches the kings tower.

We like this game because its funny attractive and intense, we recommend it because you can be playing it too much time until you get bored of it. We also like it because there is a global classification so if you are a good player you could get to the top players of clash royale of the world

By Ismael and Alejandro B

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