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lunes, 3 de abril de 2017

A formal e mail. 4th ESO

Please to give it to me on wednesday or thursdaY
Some American people are coming to your area and you have been asked to help organise the group’s visit. Read the email you have received from Mrs Lucas, the group leader, and the notes you have made. Then write an email to Mrs Lucas using all your notes.

Email from: Melanie Lucas
Sent:               15 May
Subject:        American visitors

Dear Peter,
The group will arrive on 3 August and will leave August 8. Do you think these dates are suitable? (Perfect. Coincides with local festival) There will be 10 teenagers and 6 adults in the group. Somebody recommended the Swan hotel. Could you give me some more information about it? (Give info to Mrs Lucas)
The adults would like to go shopping. Could you suggest some interesting shops to visit? (Suggest some shops). The teenagers are keen on sports. Are there any good sports facilities in the area? (Give some sports info)
Everybody is looking forward to visiting your town. Thank you for all your help.
Melanie Lucas

Write your email. You must use grammatically correct sentences with accurate spelling and punctuation in a style appropriate for the situation.

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