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domingo, 24 de febrero de 2013

belén and Rocío's house

Our house
Our house is located in the middle of yhe paccific ocean, is it a very special house bescause is under water , it inside a vey big bubble full of oxigen to live protected and comfortable.
It is very big and it has a very special shape that is like a star, inside it has got 7 rooms, it has a very swimmingpool with the shape of a turtle with four slides. It has a kitchen with a table that has a capacity for 40 people , it has 3 sleepsrooms, and the beds that are made of water , and inside the beds, there are some fishes, in the house there is a disco with many , many colors and lights, and a disco bar with lot of drinks and food
The rocio's bedroom is circular, in the middle has a bed with the shape of a star , inside it has got water and some fish, the walls are yellow and the floor is green , it has one cupboard full of clothes and shoes, the door is ciircular too, the room os belen is rectangular, it has the walls blue and yellow and the floor is covered of 40 carpets ofdifferent colors, it has a bed full of cocacola, so you can drink when you like .It has a pink piano too, in each rooms we have a badrooms, the badroom of belen is very big big yellow walls and brown floors, it has a very big yacuzzi, with lot of bubbles, the rocio's badroom, is more little, the walls are blue and the floor is very original, is covered of green grass, and it has a little swimming pool with red water.
and it has a gym to do differents sports, and a cinema room , that there is a very big television to watch a lot of differents films of a lot of genres.
Thats all, this is our special and original House. That is called, MecHouse.

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