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martes, 5 de febrero de 2013


      5.  Write the correct form of going to, will

  1. “Why is Shella getting a passport?”  “She ______________live in Spain for a year
  2. I know she ______________(not) agree with this idea.
  3. I think the film ________________________(be) a big success.
  4. I don’t feel very well this morning. “ Oh dear. _______________I look after the children for you?”
  5. The managing director ____________________sack two hundred people next month.
  6. There’s someone at the door. “ Ok, I ______________________answer it”
  7. She ____________________never see her parents again
  8. “Is that your new stereo?”  “Yes, but it doesn’t work. I _______________to take it back to the shop!”
  9. I think the exam __________________________be easy.
  10. “I see Hannah and Peter together a lot.” “ Yes, they ____________________get married”
  11. You ___________________probably have a really good time.

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