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jueves, 26 de septiembre de 2013


READ THIS TEXT and answer these questions

1. How many reasons does the author think there are to study a person's life?
2. Name the three reasons. (don't use the translator, don't worry about understanding everything.).
What Makes a Person Interesting?
An interesting person is one whose life is worth studying for three reasons. First, the person is someone we recognize, someone whose contributions — for better or for worse — have had a significant effect on our culture. 
Second, interesting people intrigue us. We know their names and we wonder about them.
Finally, interesting people are important to study because doing so has a positive effect on our own lives. 
There are, of course, many, many well-known men and women we can study. I have chosen certain people because they interest me, and because I feel that who they are and what they have to teach us is often unappreciated.

2. Look at the list of people the author gives, read in these pages and write a short paragraph about each one of them saying :

1, Name  2. Nationality. 3. Job (main contribution) 4. picture
write this in your blog or in a word document to keep in your english file/folder
Don't copy from internet, try to use your own words.

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