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jueves, 3 de octubre de 2013

fashion projects.

miércoles, 25 de septiembre de 2013

Swagger    (Toni, Saray. 4th B)

We called our shop ''Swagger'' because we are going to sell fashion clothes for swag people.

The ''Swagger'' shop is in Madrid in the street ''Gran Via'' between the inside and the pull and bear. 

How to get to Swagger? 
                              You are here(In the ''A'')

We sell fashionable clothes and for young people. 
We are going to show our favorite outfis:

She is wearing plain demin blue shorts and a plain silk black blouse.
She is wearing some accesories, a neckless with a cross and some fancy bracelettes.

He is wearing plain cotton grey sweatshirt, a striped cotton blue and white t-shirt and plain denim blue jeans.
To complete his outfit he adds a blue and black cap and green and black runners with orange shoelaces.

We sell more clothes like these:
Here, you can see three outfits with some jeans with bright colors, some cool sweatshirts with different prints, some different caps and colors and some trendy trainers.

Here you can see a boy outfit:
-plain cotton black sweatshirt
- plain cotton red t-shirt with a print
-tie- dyed denim jeans
-black and white trainers
-black sunglasses
-black clock
- different bracelettes
- black belt


here we can see a blue outfit consisting on:
1. plain blue and black bracelette
2. blue and brown sandals
3. blue and grey belt
4. blue sunglasses
5. blue and black clock
6. black neckless
7. blue earings
8. two rings
9. music head
10. black and blue cap of hello kitty
11. plain cotton blue t-shirt, plain cotton black t-shirt and plain denim blue jeans

Our clothes are ecological and ethical. The clothes are ecological because our factorys do it with natural products and without pesticides. We don't work with childen and we don't exploit our staff. Our factorys are in The United States.

If you want more information, you can comunicated with us calling at this numbers or sending a fax. If you want to give us some suggestions or you have any problems, send a email.

-Telephone number: 698741235
-Telephone number 2: 915478625
-Fax: 9254789632
-email: swaggerindustryusa@gmail.com

Tonislava Petrova 4ºB
Saray García 4ºB

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