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jueves, 3 de octubre de 2013


Swagpringfield     Miguel. 4B

Swagpringfield is a branch of shops that are in a lot of shopping centers in Spain like Plaza Norte, Espacio de Torrelodones, Planetocio...

In these shops, we sell Swag clothes like Baseball hats, tight jeans, sunglasses... and items with bright colors.

 Some of our outfit are a plain denim red and black cap, a plain cotton white T-shirt, jeans and, if you want, you can add accesories to your clothes.

You cannot find anything like our clothes, because they are ethical clothes that we bring from places where people are well treated and are not exploited.

Here are some examples of our clothes:Caps 15€

Sweatshirts just 25€

Jeans 15€Runners 60€

If you want to wear the newest clothes, you cannot forget to come to our shops!

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