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lunes, 10 de marzo de 2014

revision unit 2 cosmic. 3rd A

1. Draw an outline of the tenses in the past. (see photo)

2. write the word corresponding to:

A part played by an actor in a film.
The indivicual programme on the TV series.
A test to see if an actor is good enough
Films are shown on a big one.
To make an album available for people to  buy.
A Cd containing a number of songs.

3. draw a diagram with terms related to fine arts

4. write the words from the family of

  1.  Novel                            4. criticise
  2. success                           5 Fail
  3. Comedy

5. Write the appropriate prepositions

_______ stage     _______ location     _________ Channel 4.  _________the box office

______oils_____canvas    ______chapter three     _______ the end.

6. Give a phrasal verb for these expressions

Find by accident_______________   keep doing something______________

result in____________________      look back on______________

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