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martes, 4 de marzo de 2014

talent shows examples of compositions


A talent show is an event where participants perform talents of singing, dancing, acrobatics, acting, drumming, martial arts, playing an instrument, or other activities to showcase skills, sometimes for a reward, trophy or prize. Many talent shows are performances.

I think that the advantages of having the talent shows in shools are for example that your friends can know new and amazing things about you.65And you can win excelent prizes for doing skills that maybe not all the people can do it.

The disadvantages are that if you fall or do something wrong because you are nervous , other people or friends can laugh at you.

In our opinion there must be talent shows because your friends will respect you and will know new things about you , also tou can be seen by famous directors that maybe will wont you fot doing something wich are going to be seen by all the world.


Most of the people think that children are not suppose to go to talent shows, that know they must concentrate in thier studies, but, what about our opinion? Why our opinion dosn't take into account? We want to tell the world our opinion, maybe the talent show is the best way or maybe no, but we shoul try it.

In my point of view I think Talent shows for teenagers are a form of showing the world what we like to do. I also think that is a form of expressing the world what we like and we know how to do. We want our opinion is taken to account, and there is any way better than doing what we know.

On the other hand I think that maybe is very soon for us to go into a Tvs how, maybe know is the moment to concetrate in our studies, or maybe no.

Some people think that children are not completly mature to be presented on a tv show because they can abandon everything for trying to become famous. But, taking into account the advantages and disadvantages, do you think children could represent a show?

The advantages can be the promoting of the school and the attraction of people to take part in that school. Children have the right to follow their dreams.
However, maybe they can become obssesed about fame and start to fail their studies, and their parents are worried about that.

In my opinion, they have to try to control themselves and to act like if they can continue studying and also taking into account their dreams.

Discursive text : Talent show:

Talent shows is an option to get famous, one of the things that most of people want, but this is not always a positive thing.

Some of the advantages that talent shows have are that you can be famous if you are good at something, so your friends are proud of you, the fame allows you to discover new things, experiences and new feelings.

However fame bring bad things into your life. people think that if you are a famous person they can judge you because they know you very well and that is not true. Talent shows show your talent but you can make a fool of yourself. So you can lose your friends.

In conclusion talent shows can be negative or positive things but it depends how you think of it and how you see the fame.

TV Talent Shows

-Nowadays many people participate in talent shows because they want to sow what the can do, like in the talent show call “La Voz Kids” that is about how childs sing and how do they compeat with each others. But all these talent shows are positive or negative to the people taht live in this society?

Some of the advantages of doing talent is that you can be seen by a producer or director of films, or something like this, and they can hire to you and become a famous actor or actress, these things will be very dificult, but they can be, also your family and real friends will be very proud of you, and they will help on your career that is starting.

However there are disadvantages of going to a talent show are that if you do good many people become jealousy of you, but in the other hand if you fail in the stage in front of the public you will be humiliated, and the people will lave at you. Moreover the talent shows will still the time you dedicate to the homework and to the studies , and you will do bad at school and this can't be because the people that go to the talent shows should have to organise to do the two things, which are to study and to practise your talent to get it desarrollated and not to fail at the school because you want to go to the competitions to win prices and demostrate to the world whaat you can do and also to prove that you are special and to show why yo are good.

·In my opinion the talent shows are a market of ilusions and talents, because they do with the people taht go to the talent shows what they want, and they do not care about what you feel, and some times they judges are very rud with the people that participate at these shows, so many times one could be decepcionated and conseme in sadly world.

Many people have special talents and would love to show their talent to the world. That's why talent shows were invented. But can they really make it? Is it good for them to participate in a talent show? There are many positive and negative aspects in appearing in a talent show.

Some of the negative aspects are, that you may lose your selfsteem if a judge tells you that you are not good enough. You may also stop doing what you love just because someone told you that you can't make it in the buisness, morover you may get nervous and make a mistake in the middle of your performance and everyone will think you are not worthy enough.

The positive aspects are that maybe you win and get to make a career out of what you love to do. In addition, you may be seen by a producer or a director.

In our opinion the talents shows have negative and positive aspect. However we think there are more negative aspects than positive ones, even though the positive aspects are more important and have more influence in our daily lives that the negative ones.

Discursive Text: Talent Shows
Talent shows are contests in which people who participate to them show one special ability that they have, and the judges consider which of these participants has the most interesting or the best ability.

These contests have some advantages, but also some disadvantages.
Among the advantages, we could mention is the chance for someone's talent to be recognized, the good experience of seeing other people's talents and the satisfaction of being applauded by the spectators.

Although this contests are usually positive for the participants, they can also have disadvantages, such as being rejected by the judges, the spectators, failing when you show your abilities and being embarrassed by it.

In conclusion, I think talent shows are good despite the fact, shy people could fail and be embarrassed in public, so this would be hard for them. However, for the people who aren't shy and aren't afraid of failing in public would be a great experience.


Talents shows are very present in our daily life nowadays,this programs are very attractive for many people and they are also very cheep for TV channels as they don't have to pay as many people as in other programs. But are these programs good for the participants? And,are they really useful for people that want to show their talents?

These programs have many positive aspects,, for example: They allows people with not much money to show what they can do,
in addition they are very profitable for TV channels although they are really cheap to produce. Moreover this kind of programs have helped to discover grate stars that now are really famous right now.

However we can't forget all the negative aspects that this programs have. For example if you go to one of these channels even though you are very good in what you do,if you don't win and in addition someone says that you are not good enough you can go off what you love. Also if you win and you become famous people will start envying you and your private life wont be private any more. This can happen especially to children that go to these programs.

In conclusion, we think that talent shows,even though they offer greats opportunities,we are in a complete disagreement with them because they can make people stop doing what they love and even if you win they can destroy your life.

Talent Shows
Talent shows are very common all around the world, such us the one in Spain, called “Tú si que vales” and there are 3 judges, with different opinions and likes, there is also a popular judge who are the people of the audience. But would they can have a normal life?

However, for the people that are in the school, it is not good for them to go to talent show because their classmates can laugh at them and they can be very cruel, but on other side, it is good for the children to go there, because they can have new experiences acting and showing their talents.

In our opinion, the talent shows are good programs to enjoy them and to have fun. But not all the people agree with us, because they think that if they judge them bad, they aren't going to continue to do what they like.

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