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martes, 17 de junio de 2014


Today we're going to interview Analisa who is our english assistant. We are going to ask her abaut her year here in Spain:

Me: How did you feel when you arrived to Spain?

Analisa: I felt extremely excited and very happy.

 What's the thing that you liked most of the year?

Analisa: How much you  improved your English and how much we learnt about
                 english too. 

 What's the place that you most like of Spain?

Analisa: I really loved Malaga and its lovely  beaches and food.

Do you like teaching English?

Analisa: Yes, I loved it and I would like to teach 5 years more abroad

Did you miss your country?

Analisa: I missed celebrating Christmas at home and most of the events that my family    celebrated  without me.

It was fantastic to have Analisa this year and we wish her the best of luck

Questions. 4th A.
Reporter: Alejandro At.

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