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lunes, 3 de noviembre de 2014


This is a less formal debate in which delegates remain seated and the Chair calls on them one-by-one to speak for a short period. This allows for a freer exchange of opinions than would be possible in a formal debate using the Speakers’ List.  You should motion for a Moderated Caucus if your hear something in an opening speech that you would like to opportunity to debate or discuss more freely.
After going through the first few delegations on the Speakers’ List, the Chair will say something like this:
·         “Are there any outstanding points or motions on the floor? The Chair would look favorably upon a motion to move into 10-15 minutes of moderated caucus with a speaking time of 45 seconds.”

If you would like to make a motion to move into a moderated caucus, you will say:
·         “Honorable Chair, (Country Name) moves to suspend debate for the purpose of a moderated caucus for a total time of ____ minutes and a speaking time of _____ minutes.” 

Remember that the total time is the total amount of time the moderated caucus will last and the speaking time is the amount of time each delegation will have to speak when called upon. A good amount of total time would be 20-25 minutes and a good speaking time would be 30 seconds, 45 seconds, or one minute.
After the motion has been made and there has been a second, the committee will vote. There must be a simple majority vote for the debate to move to a moderated caucus.
Raise your placard to speak during the moderated caucus. Stand in place and address the committee using good public speaking skills.  While the moderated caucus is going on, be sure to carefully take notes of everything you hear that interests you for future blocs and resolutions later on in the day.  Once the total time is up for the moderated caucus, the debate returns to the Speakers’ List.  Now any speeches given from the Speakers’ List will focus on the ideas and suggestions from the moderated caucus that just finished.
To return from the moderated caucus to the formal debate/Speakers’ List, the Chair will say:
·         “Thank you for sharing your thoughts and views. You offered some interesting views on the problem and possible solutions, such as _____, _______, _______. “
NOTE: This summary by the Chair is a great time for you to take some more notes on the important solutions or proposals presented by the other countries!

·         “The time for the moderated caucus has now expired. We will now return to the Speaker’s List. Your speeches should focus on the results of the moderated caucus and the ideas you just discussed. Delegation from _____, you have the floor.” 

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