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lunes, 3 de noviembre de 2014


How to Make a Motion:

  1. When the floor is open, raise your placard
  2. Chair says: ¨Delegation from ______ (country name).¨
  3. You say: ¨Honorable Chair, _______(country name) moves to close the debate.¨
  4. Chair: “Motion to close debate is on the floor. Is there a second?”
  5. Another country seconds the motion by raising their placard.
  6. Vote on the motion.

How to Make a Point:

1.      When the floor is open, raise your placard
2.      Chair says: “Delegation from ________(country name).” 
3.      You say: “Honorable Chair, ________ (country name) has a point of inquiry.”
4.      Chair: “To what point do you arise?”
5.      You: (ask your question)
Points do not need seconds or votes!!


If you finish speaking in formal debate or a moderated caucus before the time is up, you can yield your remaining time to someone else. There are three options:

  1. Yield time to the Chair (ends your time)
  2. Yield to another delegate (this allows another delegate with similar views to speak)
  3. Yield to questions (other delegates can ask you questions)
Other rules:

  1. Right of reply: You can write a note and send it to the chair concerning derogatory remarks made by another delegate.
  2. Appeal the Chair´s decision: If you think the chair has made an incorrect decision you can send a note in writing to the chair.

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