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domingo, 29 de junio de 2014

September tasks.

Los alumnos con la materia de inglés pendiente para Septiembre deberán realizar las tareas siguientes para preparar la prueba de septiembre .

3rd and 4th ESO. Voices 3 and 4
  1. Realizar un esquema de cada una de las unidades, desde la 1 a la 8, tanto de la parte de vocabulario como de la de gramática. Deberán seguir el resumen incluido en el final de cada unidad de su libro de texto.
    1. Realizar en papel todas las actividades de cada uno de los “progress check” al final de cada unidad, de la 1 a la 8.
    2. Realizar en papel las actividades incluidas en las las “Revision” después de la unidad 3. 6 y 9, incluidos reading and writing.
    3. Repasar todas las actividades de workbook de las unidades 1-8

Las actividades descritas en los puntos 1,2,3 deberán presentarse en papel en la prueba de Septiembre.

3rd Section

  1. Realizar un esquema de las partes de vocabulario y gramática de las unidades 1-4 siguiendo el resumen incluido al final de su libro de texto.
  2. Realizar en papel los ejercicios de las “revision 1-4 incluidas al final de cada una de las unidades mencionadas.
  3. Realizar en papel los ejecicios de la parte final de su libro de texto “Use your English” de las unidades 1-4. Páginas 126-133.
  4. Revisar todas las actividades hechas en clase .

Ante cualquier duda ponerse en contacto con floriiesdive@hotmail.com


martes, 17 de junio de 2014


Today we're going to interview Analisa who is our english assistant. We are going to ask her abaut her year here in Spain:

Me: How did you feel when you arrived to Spain?

Analisa: I felt extremely excited and very happy.

 What's the thing that you liked most of the year?

Analisa: How much you  improved your English and how much we learnt about
                 english too. 

 What's the place that you most like of Spain?

Analisa: I really loved Malaga and its lovely  beaches and food.

Do you like teaching English?

Analisa: Yes, I loved it and I would like to teach 5 years more abroad

Did you miss your country?

Analisa: I missed celebrating Christmas at home and most of the events that my family    celebrated  without me.

It was fantastic to have Analisa this year and we wish her the best of luck

Questions. 4th A.
Reporter: Alejandro At.

domingo, 15 de junio de 2014


Corey’s interview

·        How was your experience of teaching us?
o   It was great. I really enjoyed it,  even though you are a “little” talkative.
·        What are the main differences between Spanish and US schools?
o   In the US, 3rd of ESO in Spain is the first year of high school, so you are a little lost. Also discipline is different.
·        How was your experience of “Global Classrooms”?
o   I didn’t really want to teach “Global Classrooms”, but as it was compulsory I had to do it, but in the end I think it was a good experience.
·        What did you like most about or class?
o   I think you were smart and funny and during the year you improved a lot your English. I didn’t like that you talked a lot.
·        What was the thing you liked most of Spain?
o   I liked the fact that you could relax and enjoy and at the same time you could work
·        Would you miss us?

o   Yes. I’ll never find another 3rd A


martes, 10 de junio de 2014

martes, 3 de junio de 2014


MAGAJOBS  (Dani-A Mor)

1, Today in MAGAJOBS, we are interviewing two people about their jobs. The first one is the sports director of the local sport center of Moralzarzal.

-Hello, what's your name?
My name is Carlos
-What do you do?
I am a worker on sport services. I coordinate different activities: football, futsal, basketball and sports camps.
-Why did you chose this work?
I've chosen this work because is a very comfortable job and related with the sport.
-How many hours do you work a week?
As a worker, 37 hours and a half and as coordinator, unlimited.
-Are you happy with the results of the sport schools?
Yes, I'm very happy. Kids work and have a very good behavior.
-Do you have any hobbies?
Yes, the sport in general.
-What's your favorite sport? Why?
My favorite sport is basketball because is a sport that requires some characteristics that resemble my personality.
-Do you like reading? What's your favorite book?
Yes I do. My favorite book is called ''Acoso''.
- Is the crisis affecting this sport center?
Yes although not a lot, but the political decisions are affecting us bit by bit.
-What's the sport that most people practice in this sport center?
Swimming, followed by football and gymnastics.

2. There are also lots of interesting jobs, like the one that Francisco Guerra has.
Francisco works as a firefighter in Las Rozas. He works all the day long. He leaves home at 7:00 a.m. and he arrives at 11:00 of the next day. He likes his job a lot, because he is the responsible of lots of people lives. When he has to go to an intervention, a bell rings, and all of them get into the fire trucks. When he doesn't have any interventions he has free time to do many different activities. For example he can go to the gym to do exercise or play ping-pong, basketball, or watch TV,,, Another good part of his job, is that he only works one day out of six. So he can stay lot of time with his family.
For us, being a firefighter is a really good job, but you also need to study a lot and be really fit.




Hello my dear readers. Today we are bringing a very interesting inteview with a friend of mine:


-We are here with Mario Mario. The character of a lot of popular games such as: Super Mario,Mario Bros or Mario kart. We all know about the character but...what about his jobs? Today we will go on a tour of all the jobs that Mario has had.

So,Mario,tell us,how did you start working?

-Well,most people think that i am a plumber but in fact,I started working as a stealthy hunter of monkeys. I tried to hunt Donkey Kong a few times.

-what did you exactly do when you were a hunter?

-I mainly prepared traps with jails because,i don't like to kill animals,so I left that work really soon.

-I see,and,I've heard that then you were carpenter,its that true?
-Yes,yes,I work a few times such a carpenter. I make barrels but anyone could break them with a hammer so...I left that business.

-Oh,and it was there when you started working as a plumber,didn't you?

-Yes,I work as a plumber,mainly unclogging pipes.

-But I heard that you have had other jobs...Can you tell us about it?

-Yes of course,maybe the most famous one is professional driver of karts, I really get fun with it and I will repeated it if I have the chance. In fact I'm going to run again very soon in MARIO KART 8!!! . I hope you help me dovakhin,a fuss-ro-dha will help me a lot.

-Hahaha (noisy laugh) that wouldn't be fair Mario!!! And now I have a personal question Mario and some of our reader has ask me the same question,do you think that it will be a Mario football game?

-NOOOO!!!! I HATE PLAYING FOOTBALL!!!!!!!! The only time I played I get injured and i was forced to leave my career as a professional basketball player,but before you realized we have recovered and I will be playing again.

-I'm glad to hear that. Well so thats all Mario,thanks.

-Goodbye dovakhin.

-While you leave I will introduce the next interview. Next month we are interviewing Kirby!!! about his difficult life being a small pink ball.


1. Finish if you haven't the project on jobs.

2. Create a brochure on a camp for an extreme project.

write when-where- activities-- cost etc.