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Stating an opinion 
In my opinion...
I think that...
I feel that...
I believe that...
It seems to me that...
If you ask me...
I'd say that...
The point is...
As I see it...

Asking someone to repeat or explain 
I don't understand what you mean
Would you explain that, please?
I'm sorry, but I didn't understand your point.
Could you give an example?
What do you mean by...?

Agreeing with someone 
You're right
I think so, too
I agree with you
You could be right
I couldn't agree more
That's a good point
I see what you mean
That's just what I was thinking
I agree entirely
You know, that's exactly what I think

Disagreeing with someone 
Yes, but...
I'm sorry but I have to disagree there
That's not the point
No, I think you're wrong
I can't agree with you there
Up to a point, but...
Yes, that's quite true, but...
I'm not sure I quite agree
Well, you have a point there, but...
Perhaps, but don't you think that...
I see what you mean, but...
I totally disagree with you there

Persuading someone 
You must admit that...
Do you really believe that...?
Don't you think that...?
Don't you agree that...?
Wouldn't you say that the reverse is also true?

Opening Statement Presenter:
Gathers the main arguments into an introductory statement.  Does not give specific information; just says "this is true because of A and B and C." 1. WE BELIEVE UNIFORMS SHOULD BE WORN IN SCHOOLS BECAUSE OF A,B,C________________________________________ 
Topic Presenters:  
Present the main arguments for the team.  Each presenter give specific details that prove A and B and C.
(2 or 3) 1 IT HELPS YOU TO DECIDE QUICKLY ON YOUR CLOTHES AS........________________________________________
2.IT IS CHEAPER BECAUSE________________________________________
3. IT AVOIDS BULLYING AS.....________________________________________
Rebuttal Presenters:  
Answer the arguments of the other team.  These presenters must take notes as the other team is presenting their arguments and respond to every argument, using specific information to disprove them.
(1 or 2) 1.________________________________________
Closing Statement Presenter:
Presents the closing arguments for the team.  Repeats the main idea for this and this and this reason. 1.________________________________________

Debate Rules
No put downs.
You must raise your hand if it's not your time to speak.
Teams lose 1 point for each interruption.
Teams lose 1 point for whispering while another speaker is talking. TIMES
Opening statements for both sides = 3 minutes each
Arguments for both sides = 3 minutes each

Rebuttals = 2 minutes each
Closing statements for both sides = 3 minutes each

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