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martes, 21 de marzo de 2017

FCE Informal letters


Hi Sandra,
It’s great to hear from you again. I hope things are going well in your new job and you get on well with your boss and workmates.
As you know, I am really fed up with my job, so I’ve decided to give it up. I know it’s risky in an economic crisis, but I’m sure I can find work in Britain. If you know about any jobs, please email me so I can get in touch with them.
I’ll be able to learn English by working or making British friends, so I won’t have to go to a school to study. If I need qualifications in English, maybe I could do an exam later.
can’t afford to rent a flat on my own, so it would be brilliant if you could find some young people who would like to share. I could stay at the youth hostel for a few weeks while I’m looking for a place to live.
Anyway, it’s time for work, so I’d better get ready.
Keep in touch and thanks for all your help

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