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sábado, 18 de mayo de 2013

people who overcame difficulties and disabilities

ORLANDO BLOOM: (guillermo)

Orlando Bloom was born in England.When he was young he didn,t know who his father was but he lived very well with his mother. But he has got a very big problem , he suffers from dislexia so he had to work very hard at the school.
When he was 13 he discovered who his father was and he moved to London where he started study acting.
At the begining he did some characters in the television serie: Casualty y Midsomer Murders.
After that he has done many other characters , he has participate in films like “the lord of the rings” or “Pirates of the caribbean”.
At the moment he has a love relationship with the lingerie model Miranda Kerr and he is participating in many films , for example “the Hobbit”


Pablo Pineda Ferrer was born in Malaga in 1974. He is an spanish actor. He has Down syndrome but he won la concha de plata for the best actor in the International Film Festival in San Sebastian in 2009 for their efforts in the film “Yo también”.

In this film he is a a graduate student in the university with Down syndrome .
In the real life he has a degree in teaching but he is trying to graduate in psychology.
He is the first person with Down syndrome who is graduate in a university.
Pablo Pineda lives in Málaga, he gives conferences about the discapacity to increase the respect for person who are different.
Since 2010 he has worked with the foundation Adecco in Spain. Two years ago in 2011 he travelled to Columbia with the fundation Adecco to advance human rights here

we choose this person because in our opinion is an examplo of the superation, and he is a valiant person   (Paula, Alejandro SM)


Beethoven was born in Bonn, Germany on the 16th december in 1770.
His father explote himself because he wanted Beethoven to be a prodigy child(Like Mozart). Then he teach him to play many instruments and he got his first public performance in March 1778. When he was eleven publish his first composition called “Nueve variaciones sobre una Marcha de Ernst Christoph Dressler”.
In his career he had composed simphonies, concertos for piano, piano sonatas and string quartets. We can difference three periods in his career:
-In his first period he was influenced by Haydn and Mozart. But he explored new directiions.
-In his second period(heroic) his deafness start(he wasn't totally deaf)
-His third period is characterised by the intellectuality, the innovations and the intensity, but also by his highly personal expression. At his 45 more or less he became totally deaf.
At the moment Beethoven is considered one of the most importants musicians in the world, his work of art(the ninth symphony) was declarated patrimony of humanity by the UNESCO.

ALBERT EINSTEIN  (Zhana and Andrea)
Albert Einstein was born in Ulm, Germany in 1879. At his childhood Einstein wasn't very good student. His marks didn't surpass the 6 and in some subjects he failed. Nevertheless he was good at science and maths. His teachers said that he was retarded and it might be because he suffered by dyslexia .
At the age of 26, despite of his disability, he created the Special Theory of Relativity. Throughout his life, he improved in science and he published works about statisticals mechanics and quantum theory. He traveled in many countries because he was jewish and for that he was chased.

Einsten reached the fame besides of his Theory of Relativity,for explain the Photoelectric effect and for contribute in the Theory of Brownian Motion.Thanks of that in 1921 he won The Nobel Prize of Physics, and years later he received two medals.

In 1955, he died because of an intern hemorrhage.His supports in the world of science were used for the development of the physics.After die, his brain was extracted for search the reason of his intelligence.With this study they discovered that the part of his brain relationated with maths,was bigger than a normal one.


Oscar Leonard Carl Pistorius was born in Sandton in 1986.
When he was 11 moths old, the doctors had to amputate his legs at knee heigth because he didn't have both of perones. He had several problems to move, so he needed to move in a wheelchair.

At the age of 7 , his parents gave   him a special type of prothesis to helped him to move. He start runnig with a local group. Although this prosthesis allowed him to run, some people started complainig about them. They thought that the prosthesis permit him to run faster than the others, so in 2008 they said that he was unfit to participate in the olymphics of Japan.

Since then, he started to got mad , and in 2013, he was acusated of killing her girlfriend.
He was accused of killing his girlfriend,the model Reeva Steenkamp with four shoots after he repeatedly hit her head with a cricket stick .

At the moment he has the best time records in the 100, 200 and 400 meters.
He get the conditional and now he lives in a little village in sudafrica.

STEPHEN HAWKINS   (Yago, Daniel)

Stephen William Hawking was born in Oxford, England of 1942. Hawking is disabled because he suffered multiple esclerosis and he work very hard uses a machine for speak and wheelchair. He couldn't speak very well but he spoke with the machine for speak.

Hawking began study in University College, Oxford .He was studing Natural Science he was specialiced of fisic.

Hawking began to speak of tessis when he was working of Cambridge since 1979 worked in the Lucasian Chair of Mathematics until 2009. He got twelve doctorates.



Serafin Zubiri was born in Navarra. Her real name is Serafín Lizoain Vidondo, but people called so because their village was called Zubiri. He is singer and her pasion is play the pìano. He has gone to a lot of televisions´ shows, and this was very important for her fame. He had do a lot of discs, exactly 9.
Her live was very dificult. When he was a child her dream was the world of the classic music, but his disabilty was a big limit for his future. He was blind since he was born.

His artist career started in 1987, when he left his musical group. He presented in Eurovision in 1991 but he wasn´t be selectioned and was be select in his place Sergio Dalma. In 1992 he was composed the music of La Bella Y La Bestia.

Next, He was contrated for other big projects and gave a lot of money. This year, he participated in a television show famous actually, ``Splash, famosos al agua´´ and here he had to jump from 7 meters, and he was saved by the public.

Actually, his disability is not a very big problem because he has a lot of willpower.

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