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8 January of 1976

You wont believe this, but....
When I was 13, I had the worst experience of my life.
It was winter, I was playing in the baseball field with my friends Mike and Holly. It was late, the dark of the night covered the streets, so we returned home through the forest. Mike was worried about something. He was scared and he didn't stop saying -Don't you hear children screaming??- We thought it was one of his jokes. We left Holly in her house, and I said goodbye to Mike. But he looked at me with a expresion of horror on his face, and after this he said –They're coming for me.- And he ran down the street. When I arrived home, my dad was angry, I was late. So I didn't eat anything. I went to my room and I lay on the bed. The moonlight passed throught my window. I couldn't sleep, something strange was happening, so I looked the clock, it was almost 12: 10 when the phone rang. I picked up the phone, scared, because I knew it would be terrible news. Mike didn't return home that night. I was so scared that I couldn't answer Mike's mum. I ran down the stairs, and I opened the door of my house. For one moment I felt the cold wind on my face. The night was foggy. I just ran without looking backwards to the last place I saw him, 23rd Street
I was alone on the long street, I remembered the last words of Mike -They are comming for me- and also the screams he heard in the forest. So I thought he could be there.
I ran across the forest until I saw something incredible:
A little cottage that I never saw before, and next to it, a well, a deep dirty well. Suddenly, I heard the voice of Mike coming through it. Something spectral came out of the well. He had Mike's bruised face, but then I couldn't see more, because I ran as hard as I could. I knew it was Mike, his voice, his facial expression, the same clothes he had worn that night, but it was his ghost.
After that day I didn't speak again about Mike, because what I saw that night nobody knew. UNTIL NOW.. Do you trust me?


In 2603, in New Spain, the aliens, after a long time hiding in the Earth, prepare to conquer it.

Mario lived in Valladolid, on García Lorca street. He was a twenty-year-old boy. He went to the University, but he was a little lazy.
Mario was in his house, watching T.V. Suddenly, Lucy, his best friend, called him. She said that a person had disappeared without leaving a trace. In the next few days, a lot of people disappeared like the person that Lucy told Mario about. Mario started to think that this was a little bit strange.
When the summer came and Mario finished his studies, he started to investigate the disappearances of the people.
The next day, he saw a strange thing, it was a footprint of seven toes. He took a photograph of it and started to investigate it. He later found some strange DNA. With this DNA, he found the hiding place where all the aliens lived.
He was spying on the aliens and took a photograph of them. Later, he showed the photograph to all the people he knew. All these people prepared a plan to attack the aliens.
The next week, they attacked and thought that all the aliens were dead, but the Alien King was still alive. He was the last alien on Earth. When everybody thought they were safe from the Aliens, the Alien King killed a lot of humans, but finally Mario killed him with a sword. With his final breath, he threw the sword at Mario and killed the real enemy of the aliens.

20 years later...
Now, every year, the 10th of April, the day that Mario was born, all the humans celebrate it in conmmemoration of the victory against the aliens.


You won’t believe this but…. This is our story
You won’t believe this but…. This is our story
We where at our summer camp, it was late, a dark night, the moon was hanging in the sky. The wolves were howling and we were in the middle of the forest.

That night we were very bored and we decided to go for a walk.
Suddenly Alice and me (Emma) we heard a noise, it was very low and clear.
We were afraid and we started to ran, Alice tripped over a branch, she fell down and I helped her to
stand up, and we both continue running.

Near us we saw a faint light, we went to it thinking they will help us. We saw a lonely lamp.
I took it and suddenly I saw Alice with a terror face. She was staring at a haunted house. It was big, dark and old, next to the house, there was a cemetery.

We saw a light in one of the windows, after this, a shadow passed through the window we thought that this person would help us, we were very tired so we decided to entered in the house.

nside the house, the wood of the floor creaked since we were walking. Alice shouted “Hello?” and I said “Anyone there?”

We heard a noise so we went upstairs to check what happened, we found the room where the light was shining. We looked through the window and we saw a women that was next to one of the tombs of the cemetery. Alice didn’t thought it twice, she ran down stairs and she followed her, but I stopped next to the tomb and I saw a strange letter and a red rose, I took them and I followed Alice. Suddenly I heard her shouting and when I found her she was next to the women that we saw before.
We forced her to go inside the house and to explain us why she wrote that letter.
She sat next to the chimney and she started to tell us the reasons:

-A long time ago -she started – my husband died, I was very sad but his soul remains in our house.
Before dying, I promised him that I will leave a letter in the day he died all the years in his tomb, and today 4th of July, is the day he died 29 years ago.

12 years later…

Today 4th of July, we went to visit the tomb of Mrs Lawrence (the women that explained us the mistery of the soul of our actual house)
She died the same day her husband died, Alice and me left a red rose and a letter to them.

We went inside our house.

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