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jueves, 30 de mayo de 2013

useful expressions for your dialogue. THANK YOU JENNA


to break up (v) – to finish a relationship
EX: Laura and Will broke up last weekend!

To pick someone up (v) – to pay someone attention because you like them
EX: Mark alwayas tries to pick up girls and he always fails

to dump (v) – to tell your boyfriend/girlfriend you want to end the relationship
EX: I dumped my girlfriend because she was really selfish

to feel butterflies in your stomache (v) – because you like someone and you get a nervous feeling in your tummy
EX: Whenever I see Fran I feel butterflies in my stomache

to cheat (v) – to be unfaithful to your partner
EX: I would never forgive my boyfriend if he cheated

to get over someone (v) – when you used to like someone but now your feelings for them are gone
EX: I got over my exboyfriend very quickly

broken hearted (adj) – when someone is very sad after a break up
EX: When your first love ends, you are normally broken hearted.

“There are more fish in the sea” - an expression we use to tell someone that they will find someone else
EX: Gina, don't worry about Raul, there are more fish in the sea

to be worth it (v) – when someone or something is not worth of your time or energy
EX) It's not worth crying over Carlos

hot – extremely good looking (for men and women)
EX) I don't think Justin Beiber is hot, but many girls do! I don't underand it!

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