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sábado, 22 de junio de 2013


Do you like Spain?
Amir: Yes, I love Spain, I' ve been living here for four years and I have visited many different places.
- What was your first impression of Spain?
Amir: My first time in Spain I went to Albacete. And I thought it was flat and dry place. But the people were really friendly and they like talking a lot.
- Was it difficult to you to move from your home to Spain?
Amir: It was difficult to leave my family and friends, but I was excited about meet new people, to have new adventures, taste new flavours, and to learn a new language.
-Have you notice any difference between Spanish and American culture?
Amir: Of course! In Spain people is more sociable, in every village there is a festival and people dress nicer than in USA. For example: In America they work on sundays.
Have you ever taught in another school apart from this one?
 Amir: Yes! I taught in another two schools, one in Albacete and other in Madrid.

- What was it like to teach spanish children?
Amir: Spanish children are very talkative but they are frendly and its great because they like to learn about my culture.
- What is your favorite group on the school?
Amir: I don't know, I don't have any favourite group.
- Did you enjoy the atmosphere in this class?
Amir: Yes I enjoyed here too much.
- Have you ever been to a spanish football play?
 Amir: Yes I went to see an Albacete football match.
- Have you met new friends in Spain?
Amir:YEAH! I met lots of new people and not only from Spain.
- What makes you such an amazing teacher?
Amir: I think that is Because I am very patient.
- Did you enjoy your experience here?
Amir: Yes , I enjoy a lot these new expeciences here, I learnt Spanish and I met new people.

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