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jueves, 6 de junio de 2013

racism in disneyland?. video. 3rd ESO

Listening exercise

Video: Claims of Racism Against Disneyland: Is the White Rabbit Racist?

(link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o78W9GY-Aes)

1)      Discuss these questions in pairs before watching the video:

a)      Do you think there is racism in your country?
b)      What about other countries?  Where do you think racism is still a strong issue?

2)      Now watch the video and try to answer these questions in your mind. After watching the video, talk to your partner to see if you both have the same answers.

a)      Why was the family in Disneyland?
b)      What did the White Rabbit do to the black children?
c)       What did Elijah and the other kids do after being discriminated?
d)      What did Elijah mother do after the incident?
e)      What did Disney do in order to smother the case?

3)      Do you consider what happened in Disneyland a case of racial discrimination? Why (why not)?
4)      Have you ever heard of any case of discrimination from your family or your friends? If so, share It with your partner.


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