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domingo, 9 de junio de 2013

Passive voice. 4th eso. revision (busyteacher)

A)     Change the sentences from the active to the passive.

1-  They grow coffee in Kenya.
2-  They publish The Times newspaper in London.
3-  They transport oranges from Valencia to Germany in special crates.
4-  The shark ate the man.
5-  The arsonist started the fire.
6-  The police took him away.
7-  They didn't punish him for what he did.
8-  Did The president give John an award?.
9-   Everyone saw them
10-The police brought him here.
11-The firefighters didn’t save the women.
12-All the students understood the explanation.
13-Who stole my wallet?
14-A snake bit him.
15-Thomas and his brother built that house.

B)     Choose the correct verb active or passive

1-        These cars produce / are produced in Japan .
2-       Alan teaches / is taught  Geography.
3-       German is spoken / speaks in Austria.
4-       Lots of houses destroyed / were destroyed by the earthquake .
5-       Henry Ford was invented / invented the assembly line.
6-       Somebody cleans / is cleaned  the office every day.
7-       Somebody is sent/ sends emails.
8-       The grass cuts / is cut every day.
9-       Paul found / was found the key.
10-    the computer fixed / was fixed yesterday.
11-     Who painted / was painted The Mona Lisa?
12-    My ballet store / was stolen.

C)      Put the verbs in brackets in the correct form active or passive.

1-    He ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­_______(open) the door.
2-    The letter _____________by me.
3-    _________ your mum ________(pick )you up from school every day?
4-    _________ the thief _________ (catch) by the police officer?
5-    The airline __________(send) our passage to Australia by mistake.
6-    Soy _____________ ( grow) by farmers  in Argentina
7-    People _________(export)  Spanish tortilla to the US
8-   The Burial of the Count of Orgaz _________(paint) by El Greco
9-    You _____________( not find) penguins at the North Pole
10-America ___________(not  discover) by  Columbus  in 1491
11- My uncle _________(sell) the bicycle when he was young.
12- All the plates in the cupboard __________(break) by the child
13- She __________(not find) the book.

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